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Changes to Clubhouse Procedures

Changes to Clubhouse Procedures

Dear Member,

As the new COVID-19 regulations introduced by the Government come into force there will need to be some changes to the way we all use the Clubhouse. I have summarised these in this email. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms do not come the Club.

• On entering the Clubhouse, continue to record your contact details as at present. We now have the QR code on display which you can scan if you have the COVID-19 contact tracing app on your phone. This will save you have to write your details down.

• Please observe the one-way system, find a table of your choice and take a seat.

• Do not approach the bar to place orders for food or drinks. Orders will be taken at your table.

• Food and drinks will be served to you at your table. Please do not try to collect drinks from the bar.

• If you are not seated, by law, you must wear a face covering. This means when come in, before you get to your table and if you need to visit the washrooms. Catering staff must wear face coverings when working in the Clubhouse.

• As you know, groups must not be of more than six people.

• Please do not move any of the chairs or tables to create a bigger group. They have been positioned to maintain the required social distance. This applies inside and on the terrace.

• Payment should be contactless if possible and it is planned to take payments at the table, not at the bar. I am fully aware that following the above procedures and constraints are not the way any of us would wish to run our Clubhouse but these are things that have to be done if we are to remain open. I am asking for your help and cooperation for the next few months until we are allowed to get back to normal.

Eric Capron

Hon Bar Secretary

23rd September 2020